Integration Task to gather API data using PowerShell

At the time of writing there isn't a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) task that will collect JSON or XML formatted data directly from an API call. There are various add-ons and products that are available however, it is straightforward to achieve this using PowerShell and since you are likely to use PowerShell to automate other tasks on [...] Read more

Using XML weather observations in SQL Server.

The UK Met Office not only have an excellent web site they also have the fantastic DataPoint project providing free access to their data feeds via API calls. The data are returned as JSON or XML and can be used freely in accordance with the Open Government Licence. I wanted to compare readings gathered by our own weather detectors and stored in a [...] Read more

DreamFactory REST APIs

DreamFactory is a fantastic way to get RESTful APIs to your web and software development teams, it is especially easy when it comes to basic database integration. They have recently released DreamFactory 2.1 see Why reinvent the layers of security, database integration and event logging? [...] Read more