SSAS: Multidimensional to Tabular in minutes

On a development box I have SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) installed and had tested a multidimensional model. Now I need to test another project which is a tabular model. As you probably know, you can only have one Analysis Service running on each database instance and it has to be either Multidimensional mode or Tabular mode or SharePoint mode.

So it looks like I have to uninstall the Multidimensional SSAS and reinstall the Tabular SSAS. That does not sound like a lot of fun and I was convinced that there must be an easier way. A quick Ecosia (help plant some trees!) search later I found this post from Cathy Dumas. It works in five simple steps!

Definitely worth reposting, Cathy's tip saved me a lot of time!!

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