DreamFactory REST APIs

DreamFactory is a fantastic way to get RESTful APIs to your web and software development teams, it is especially easy when it comes to basic database integration. They have recently released DreamFactory 2.1 see http://blog.dreamfactory.com/dreamfactory-2-1-release-news Why reinvent the layers of security, database integration and event logging? [...] Read more

SQL Server 2005 end of support.

It is hard to believe that this version of SQL is coming to an end! This was the first Microsoft SQL database that I worked on coming from Oracle 9i. I have worked on many SQL Server projects since then and have come to both love and hate the Integration and Reporting Services. I'm currently working on projects that use the following Microsoft [...] Read more

EMEC real-time data success

Collecting good quality data is always challenging in whichever industry or sector you operate. One of the most challenging data collection projects that we have been involved with is the ongoing work of the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC). EMEC has successfully collected real-time environmental data using their Integrated Monitoring Pod from [...] Read more

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