Data integration: rsync with a networked drive

I have been asked about this on several occasions so I thought it was worthy of a blog post. Scenario The scenario is an automated recording device connected to a remote Linux machine. The data are written to files in a known directory on the Linux filesystem. The Linux machine is connected to a local network that also has a large networked drive [...] Read more

Using XML weather observations in SQL Server.

The UK Met Office not only have an excellent web site they also have the fantastic DataPoint project providing free access to their data feeds via API calls. The data are returned as JSON or XML and can be used freely in accordance with the Open Government Licence. I wanted to compare readings gathered by our own weather detectors and stored in a [...] Read more

Is your business ready for new EU Data Protection laws?

Last year, criminals successfully attacked the telecoms company TalkTalk's customer database, managing to copy the personal details of over 150,000 customers. TalkTalk was criticised for their slow response and the time it took them to inform customers and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). I was surprised to discover that Informing the [...] Read more

Financial Advice industry is changing.

Do you remember bank managers? Would you expect to speak to someone face-to-face when you open a bank account or get a credit card? In this recent article from the BBC it states that banks are now looking at "robo-advisers" to replace face-to-face staff offering investment advice. Although the term "robo-advice" has entered the lexicon, what we [...] Read more

Still losing USB sticks?

This has recently happened to a friend and it can happen to anyone. A physically small USB stick can hold a large amount of sensitive data. Worse still, because USB sticks are cheap and space isn't an issue the practice of "just keep everything" seems sensible to most people. But "Just keep everything" also means that you "lose everything" if the [...] Read more

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