SSIS and your SFTP options

The SQL Server intergration Services (SSIS) has always had a FTP task but it is odd that it has never had an SFTP task (up to 2017). SFTP is the Secure File Transfer Protocol using the Secure Shell SSH. There are third party SFTP tasks that can be deployed to your Server running SSIS but the simplest way to use SFTP is through an execute process [...] Read more

SSAS: Multidimensional to Tabular in minutes

On a development box I have SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) installed and had tested a multidimensional model. Now I need to test another project which is a tabular model. As you probably know, you can only have one Analysis Service running on each database instance and it has to be either Multidimensional mode or Tabular mode or SharePoint [...] Read more

Depricated feature: Database Mirroring

You may come across legacy SQL Server boxes from 2005 onwards that are configured using database mirroring to provide a High Availability (HA) database for an application or website (BTW - this was written in 2019 and I still see SQL 2000 out in the wild!!). I would strongly recommend moving the Distaster Recovery (DR) strategy to use Availability [...] Read more

Using Jekyll on Microsoft via the bash shell.

As mentioned in my previous post, I am using Docker more frequently on Windows 10. If you need a Linux shell then the Ubuntu bash shell from the Windows Store is a really handy tool and often much faster than using Docker. In particular, this is a far more convenient way for me to install and run Jekyll on my Windows laptop without needing to [...] Read more

Integration Task to gather API data using PowerShell

At the time of writing there isn't a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) task that will collect JSON or XML formatted data directly from an API call. There are various add-ons and products that are available however, it is straightforward to achieve this using PowerShell and since you are likely to use PowerShell to automate other tasks on [...] Read more

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